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3 Reasons an Engine May Backfire

If you're driving along the road and were startled by a loud pop sound, your engine may have backfired. An engine that has backfired is not an issue to take lightly. It usually indicates that the engine has a significant problem and, if ignored, can jeopardize your vehicle's health. Several reasons can push the engine to backfire; that's why it's essential to have your car inspected the moment you notice any issues. Below are three major reasons the engine may be backfiring and how you may prevent it in the future. 
Air/Fuel Ratio is Too Lean 
If the air/fuel ratio is too lean, there's too much air and not enough fuel in the engine. Excessive vapor can develop and combust in the exhaust. However, this isn't the only cause for the air/fuel ratio to become too lean. A bad fuel pump or clogged fuel injectors can also cause the air-fuel balance to become too lean.
Air/Fuel Ratio is Too Rich 
In healthy engines, the fuel injectors push a stable mixture of fuel and air into the combustion chamber. If there's too much fuel and not enough air, the mixture will become too rich. The fuel may remain unburned and cause a combust in the exhaust rather than the combustion chamber, resulting in a backfire. Several other scenarios, such as a clogged engine air filter and leaky fuel injectors, can also cause a rich air-fuel ratio.
The Vehicle is Older or Vintage
A poor carburetor is a common culprit for the engine backfiring. However, modern vehicles are no longer equipped with carburetors. Most vintage cars still have them, making backfiring still a thing of the present. If you're driving an older vehicle, it's best to have the carburetor maintained to avoid future problems or engine damage. 

Engine Maintenance in Fort Collins, CO 

While an engine backfire may be a thing in the past for most vehicle owners, the engine still needs to be regularly serviced and maintained. Have your engine concerns checked while they're still potential problems. Reach out to your professional service advisors at ASR Automotive if you have any questions, and we'd be more than happy to help. 

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