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7 Tips For Spring Maintenance

After a cold winter season, your car has been through quite a lot. To add on top of that, spring is coming soon as well. Keeping this in mind, you might want to do something for your vehicle. Maybe some repair work that got forgotten during the winter or some newfound problems. Whichever the case may be, don't worry; below you will find out seven tips and tricks on how to prepare your car for the new spring season.

1. Computer Diagnostics

Computer diagnostics are a great way to have an idea of everything that's going on in your vehicle. Instead of guessing or having unnecessary inspections performed, this can save you time and money.

2. Go In For A Tune-Up

Tune-ups are a package of procedures, including everything from tire checks to spark plug changes. They are a great way of gaining a few lost horsepower and keeping the car's vital components fresh.

3. UV Protection And Ceramic Coating

If you want to prepare your car for the upcoming sun, make sure to UV protect and ceramic coat your vehicle. This will make sure the paint won't be damaged or discolored.

4. Change Air And Fluid Filters

The importance of good and clean filters is commonly overlooked, especially the air filter. All of the fluids and air go through them; therefore, if they are clogged up, the amount will decrease. Make sure to put this on your to-do list for a better-performing car.

5. Fluid Flush

Fluid flushes are a no-brainer when it comes to car maintenance. The advantages you get from a new batch of oil are countless. This also applies to the coolant and all other fluids.

6. Tires

Tires are the only component in your car that makes contact with the road. That makes them a vital part that needs attention. While tires are simple, they need changing and rotation. Make sure to have them rotated if needed and swapped for the correct ones for the season.

7. Clean The Interior And Exterior

Cleaning up everything left from the cold winter days, like snack wrappers or cups, makes the interior much more presentable. And when talking about the exterior, you won't only make it look better but also make sure things don't clog up.

If your car is in need of any of the procedures listed above, make sure to come by us at ASR Automotive. Whatever the problem might be, we will be happy to help out!


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