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Does Your Car Run Better After an Oil Change?

You have already surpassed the 7000 miles in your driving, but you continue to ignore recommended oil changes for your vehicle. After all, the car is still running effectively without signs indicating the need for an oil change. Do you continue driving in the same oil? Well, oil changes are services that we mostly ignore in vehicle maintenance. However, it is important to understand that even though you may fail to notice, recommended oil changes make the vehicle function effectively and run properly. Oil changing is a vehicle service that should be completed without fail.

Importance of Oil Changes

As important as blood is in your body, so is oil in the car. Heating is among the common trouble to car parts mostly heat from the engine. The oil prevents the overheating in the engine and ensures that the heat is spread away from the combustion chamber.

The oil further prevents carbon and vanish from settling in the engine and thus protects the engine and ensure it remains functional through the drives. Additionally, it acts as a lubricant and reduces friction, preventing wearing out of vehicle components.

Due to the important functions, whether the car continues to run smoothly or not, it is good to complete the recommended oil changes.

What Happens to Unchanged Oil

With time, the unchanged oil thickens and degrades, allowing dirt, particulate and acid to ruin key engine components. Build up sludge reduces the oil's ability to transfer the heat, which increases engine stress. Changing the oil thus makes the car run better and protects the engine. It increases the engine's life span and eliminates repair headaches and costs to the car owner due to unchanged oil.

Oil changes enhance, mileage and improve fuel economy. Unchanged oil loses the viscosity required to maintain its functions and thus affects the performance of the vehicle. You will notice that the car does run better after an oil change. At our auto repair shop, we check the oil for you each time you drive in the shop and advise any changes or action required. Contact us today for oil changes services.


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