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How Do I Know If I Have Air In My Brake Lines?

The brake system in vehicles is a composition of different components that function collaboratively. Each part ensures that the vehicle slows down when needed and also comes to a standing point when required. Common brake failures have caused catastrophic accidents that have led to the loss of lives and extreme car damages. It is essential to ensure that all brake components are functional and any trouble is fixed immediately to guarantee safety when driving.

One of the essential parts of an automobile brake system is the brake lines. Brake lines house and ensures smooth circulation of the brake fluid. Most cars have a hydraulic braking system and rely on the pressure from the brake fluid to operate the pads.

Although brake systems in modern vehicles are airtight, there are times when air enters the brake lines. It happens from the constant need for brake pads to move further as they wear down. The calipers respond by expanding to maintain uniform distance. As the hydraulic system extends, a partial vacuum is created in the hydraulic system. When this happens, pressure from outside forces airs into the system to fill in the vacuum.

The air in the brake lines can have adverse effects that impact the overall working of a brake system. This is due to the fact that air is compressible, which reduces the efficiency of brakes. When you press the brake pedal, the trapped air has to be compressed to a certain level before the pressure is further transferred to the brake pads.

These are some signs to watch out for that indicate air in the braking lines;

Overly Soft Brakes

The air in the brakes causes extra softness in the pedals. This causes the pedals to go down easily and further than usual while pushing them down.

Spongy Brakes

When braking, it might seem like the pedal is dragging instead of a smooth movement. Sometimes you might get a slight bounce which indicates air is in the system.

Bleeding is the solution to air in the brake system. To stay safe on the road, you can get it done by a certified ASE technician. If you sense trouble with your brake lines, bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop, and our certified mechanic will repair all its brake line troubles.

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