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How Often Should I Have My Brake Pads Replaced

When it comes to preventing crashes on the road, your brakes are your first line of protection. In actuality, brake failure causes 300,000 automobile accidents annually in the United States. Keep yourself and others safe by keeping up with brake maintenance and having them replaced when the manufacturer recommends.

How often should you get your brake pads replaced?

The majority of manufacturers suggest replacing brake pads every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. However, if you see any of the indicators discussed below, you should immediately replace the brake pads.

Allowing brake pads to grow too thin can lead to more expensive problems, such as replacing the brake rotor.

In addition, your driving style and the type of brakes you purchase will determine how frequently you must change them. For instance, if you spend a great deal of time in stop-and-go traffic, you will likely need to change your brake pads more frequently than a highway commuter. In addition, the two-footed driver tends to step on the brakes more frequently than necessary, resulting in more frequent replacement of the brake pads.

Mileage is not the only factor to consider when determining whether to replace your brake pads. Most brakes are intended to alert the driver when the brake pads have worn too thin; this can be a dashboard light or a squealing sound made by a "feeler," or metal component that generates noise when it comes into touch with the rotor without damaging it.

Stopping a vehicle is a difficult work that will eventually degrade the brake components to the point where they cannot generate sufficient friction to function correctly. The following are indicators that your braking system need maintenance:

  • Vibration
  • Grinding
  • Pulling
  • Squealing
  • Fading
  • Softening of the brakes when pressed

If any of these problems occur, the brakes must be examined. If you continue to drive with worn brakes, you risk causing damage to the rotors as a result of the metal pad grinding against them. After substantial damage, the rotors will be irreparable and require total replacement, which is exponentially more costly.

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