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How to Clean your Car's Headlights

Cleaning your car's headlights is a simple thing. However, it is not something that most people think about doing. After all, it is not something that they notice. However, it can make a huge difference in the appearance of your car's headlights. So, if you are willing to give this a try, read on for some tips on how to clean your car's headlights.

Step 1: Make sure that you use a mild soap.

Make sure that you use a mild soap. Soaps can often strip the wax from your headlights. The oil that is in the lights is essential for keeping them clean. So, it is important to use a mild soap to remove the wax from your lights. This can often be found in automotive stores.

Step 2: Use a soft brush

Use a soft brush with your windshield wiper fluid. This is what you need to clean your lights. The windshield wiper fluid has a compound that helps clean the lights. It also has a wetting agent that helps get rid of the wax build-up on your lights. So, you will want to use a soft brush with this compound.

Step 3: Rinse and dry the lights

Once you have cleaned the headlights, you will want to rinse them off with water. This will help get rid of the wiper cleaning compound in the wiper fluid. Once this is done, you will want to dry the lights off with a soft cloth or paper towel. This will help to get rid of any remaining water from the compound in the water.

Step 4: Polish the headlights

Polish headlights with a wax or sealant product. This will help to protect the lights from the elements. It will also help to give them a nice glossy look. You can find these products at any automotive store.


If you have never cleaned your car's headlights before, you may be surprised at how simple the process is. Plus, you will be amazed at how better your lights look once you clean them! These tips will help you clean your car's headlights for an average person. After all, your car will look a lot better, and it will be easier to see at night now that you have cleaned the headlights.

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