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How To Prepare A Car For Storage - 5 Easy Steps

Storing a vehicle might seem like a simple job. Just park it somewhere and forget about it, right? Well, not exactly, especially if it will be in storage for a long time. There are a few easy steps you can follow, so you won't be surprised by problems once you take the car out of storage. Below, you will find exactly that - five easy steps you can follow for preparing your car for storage.

1. Take The Car To A Shop

The first thing you should do is check all important parts at a repair shop. This will ensure that the underlying problem won't escalate over time. Also, fluids can be changed, ensuring there won't be any leaks or clogging. For example, if the suspension is left untouched while it has problems, it can lead to broken springs, hydraulic leaks, and a lot more.

2. Empty The Gas Tank

Fuel has the tendency to eat plastic over a long period of time, despite it being resistant. This is especially true if you store a car with a full gas tank. It will slowly but surely damage it or even deteriorate the pipelines. Just make sure you don't fill it up a few days before storing it.

3. Clean The Interior And Exterior

Cleaning the car is one of the most important things to do before storing it, especially the interior. If trash and spills are left unattended in the interior, they can start to stain the materials and fabrics. This can lead to unpleasant odors and discoloration, which can't be fixed even by powerful chemicals.

4. Disconnect The Battery

Disconnecting the battery should be the last thing you do because you need it for driving and parking the car. While it may seem strange, doing so will completely contain the battery's charge. Therefore, it won't fail or die after storage.

5. Cover It With Something

Investing in a car cover is a very good way of protecting it from dust and moisture. Dust buildup can scratch the paint if it is cleaned improperly. And the last thing you want is a rat in the engine bay or air vents, which a car cover will prevent.

And if you want to make sure all of the car's vitals are good, visit ASR Automotive! We will make sure your car is ready for storage by thoroughly inspecting and servicing it. 

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