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How To Sell A Car

Looking for a quicker and easier way to sell your vehicle? Maybe something to do with the price, description, or pictures. We can give you a couple of tips to assist you during the preparation that goes on before selling.

Cleaning The Vehicle
The first thing you have to do before selling your vehicle is to have it detailed or at least cleaned. A good detailing job can make the interior and exterior of the car look presentable and appealing to the potential buyer. Furthermore, during inspections from buyers, the car feels new and fresh.

Get It Serviced
Taking your car to a repair shop for a regular service procedure can benefit you greatly. Adding a part to the vehicle's description where you mention that it is serviced and ready to drive can attract people - especially those who don't have time for service appointments. Also, a freshly serviced and oiled-up vehicle can make a good impression during a test drive.

Good Description
While making your ad or listing, a good description of what you are selling is very important. Explaining everything from make and model to the last repair shop visit is very helpful for someone looking to buy a car. Mention mileage, fuel consumption, specific extras and features, and most importantly, anything wrong. An honest and precise description determines your chances of selling the vehicle. Also, make sure to take good pictures and a lot of them, especially in the interior.

Fair Pricing
After you have done everything above, you should think of the pricing. Fair and competitive pricing makes a listing stand out that much more. We advise you to look online for the range of prices for your vehicle and determine what works best for your situation.

Pro Tip: When you stop on a price that works for you, make it a little bit higher, so you have room for negotiations! Include spare parts or a toolbox to make buyers more interested.

By following these suggestions, your chances of a successful sale will increase drastically. And don't forget to cancel the vehicle's auto insurance after selling it.

If you need to service your vehicle before putting it on the market, contact the auto experts at ASR Automotive.

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