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The Perfect Gift for Father's Day

Father’s day is that special time of year dedicated to celebrating the amazing father figures in your life. If your dad is a car lover, you’re in luck. 2020 has a variety of gift options that’ll make him forget you got him a pair of socks and a coffee mug the year before. Allow this list to inspire you to make this year’s gift one that your car enthusiast will always remember:


A throne that’s fit for a king

 Custom seat covers for his car are a great way to protect his investment and spruce things up. From plush to genuine leather, there are multiple options to choose from that can fit different preferences.


24/7 Dash Camera

There are dash cameras that provide 24/7 video surveillance that can capture his fun and spontaneous moments during road trips. Dash cameras also provide the essential benefit of capturing footage from an accident or break-in. This benefit alone is an incredibly invaluable asset because it gives police and insurance companies actual footage for reports. Some people also tend to drive safer, knowing a camera is recording.


A driving session with his favorite luxury car

If he has a dream car, Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity for him to get behind the wheel of a high-powered race car. Depending on location, there are race tracks that allow car enthusiasts to put the pedal to the metal at an affordable price. Lamborghini, Porsche, McLarens, and Aston Martins are popular vehicle options to test drive.


A key tracker

A key tracker would be the perfect item for the dad, who frequently loses his keys. Key trackers usually have a Bluetooth system that can connect to your mobile device. In the event he has his keys but can’t find his phone – he can use his key tracker to ring his phone.


Automotive gift certificates

A certificate for car repairs and maintenance is always an excellent gift for a car lover. Whether your dad’s car needs a preventative maintenance check, a detail, or a major transmission repair, saving money is always a gift that keeps on giving. 


Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate that special bond. And while your dad may enjoy new toys for his car, love is always the best gift to receive, so make sure to give it in abundance.

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