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Quick Hacks on How to Defrost Your Windshield Fast

Leaving your home early morning this time of year can be a hassle, especially if your windshield has completely been frozen over. Plus, who has all that extra time to wait for their defrosters to kick in? Below are two reliable methods on how to speed up the defrosting process. 

Rubbing Alcohol

  • Make a solution with two parts alcohol and one part water. Room temperature or cold water will work best.
  • Before applying the mixture on your windshield, make sure you're wearing gloves.
  • Add the alcohol and water solution into a spray bottle. 
  • Spray the mixture onto your windshield until it is completely defrosted. We advise storing the spray bottle and a pair of gloves in your car throughout the winter, so you have easy access whenever you need them.

Warm Water

  1. Pour lukewarm water over your windows. Make sure it is not boiling, as that could crack and damage your windshield. 
  2. After you've covered the windshield, wipe away the slush/slushy mixture with a scraper. An old credit card or delicate piece of plastic will work as well.

There are also de-icer sprays that you can buy, but why spend money on those when you can use these accessible items. These winter car hacks are a must-know for drivers in Fort Collins, CO., and will surely get you where you need to be on those brisk winter mornings. To avoid any other vehicle problems during the winter, we invite you to bring your vehicle to the experts at ASR Automotive. 

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