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Stop Driving When You See the Oil Pressure Light!

The oil light is one of the most crucial dashboard warning lights you need to be on the lookout for. Engine oil in your car's engine is just like the blood in the human body. Your car needs it! Not only that, but the oil has to have at the right amount and at the proper pressure. It's simple if you think of your oil warning light as a blood pressure warning. So once you have been alerted by the light, you need to stop driving and get immediate professional assistance.


If your engine loses oil pressure, it will trigger the oil warning light to come on. If it is red, it means you need to stop the car and get it in a safe spot. A red oil pressure light means there is a severe threat to your engine. Running your engine with low oil pressure is just as detrimental as running your engine without any oil at all. So if you keep driving, the damage can spread quickly!


You should keep in mind that the oil light does not indicate the amount of oil in the engine; it's just whether or not the oil pressure is stable. In other words, even when you're low on oil, there could still be enough to produce enough pressure in your engine. But, if the oil levels get too low, it can still result in more stress and premature wear on your motor. This is why it's essential not to rely on your warning lights to get an oil change. Getting your oil change on time is a wonderful habit to get into, and sometimes your manufacturer will require it to keep your warranty valid. 


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