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The Best Anti-Theft Device - The Immobilizer

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One of the most popular anti-theft methods is a simple device called an immobilizer. While it's simple, as we mentioned, it's quite genius and fail-proof. Simply put, it disconnects the car's ignition with a switch that can be turned off/on with a remote. But how does it work? 

What Is an Immobilizer?

An immobilizer is a clever anti-theft device that's designed to prevent unauthorized use of your vehicle. They are typically integrated into your car's key or key fob and are often invisible to the naked eye. Some are even protected from short-circuit starts, giving potential thieves an even harder time. 

How Does It Work?

The magic of an immobilizer lies in its ability to communicate with your car's engine control unit (ECU). When you insert your key into the ignition or press the key fob's button to start the car, the immobilizer sends a unique electronic code to the ECU. If the code matches the one programmed into the ECU, the engine starts, and you're good to go. But the engine remains immobilized if a thief tries to use a duplicate or incorrect key.

Why Is It So Popular?

Effective Theft Deterrent: The primary reason for the immobilizer's popularity is its remarkable effectiveness in preventing vehicle theft. Thieves are often deterred from stealing a car if they know it's equipped with an immobilizer.

Insurance Discounts
Many insurance companies offer discounts to vehicle owners who have an immobilizer installed. This can lead to significant cost savings on your insurance premiums.

Peace of Mind
Knowing that your car has an extra layer of protection provides peace of mind. You can leave your vehicle parked without constantly worrying about it getting stolen.

Minimal Hassle
Immobilizers are incredibly user-friendly. You don't need to remember to activate them; they're typically part of your regular starting routine.

Standard Feature
In many modern cars, immobilizers are a standard feature. This means that even if you're not actively seeking one, your vehicle may already have one installed.

When it comes to installing one in your car, we strongly recommend trusting a mechanic and not DIY-ing it. Why? It involves work with cables, the starter, and even the ECU - it can get quite confusing. ASR Automotive can help with that and many other maintenance procedures, so make sure to contact us when you need assistance.

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