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6 Things You Should NEVER Leave in a Hot Car

The heat can pose many hazards for your vehicle, and we aren't just talking about your battery or your tires. Instead, we're here to talk about the everyday items you tend to leave inside your car. With summer temperatures on the rise, there are several things to be mindful of leaving in your vehicle. Depending on what is left behind, you could compromise your belongings, car, or even a loved one. With that being said, here are several things you should never leave inside your car on a hot summer day:


1. Plastic Bottles

Not only is your plastic bottle at risk of warping and melting, but the heat can potentially release toxic chemicals into the water. So next time you notice an abandoned water bottle in your car, it's best to throw it out.


2. Pets

None of us would want to be stuck in a car with no AC. So why would you let it happen to your dog, cat, gerbil—or any other pet for that matter. Doing so could kill your furry friend.


3. Electronics

Most of our electronics have batteries that can get damaged from excessive heat. As a result, most phone manufacturers list optimal temperature and specifically warn against leaving your device in your car, where it might overheat. 


4. Aerosol Canisters

Whether it is spray paint, deodorant, hairspray, or cleaning products, stay clear of leaving these items behind. These containers usually have a hazard warning label on their packaging indicating their sensitivity to heat. If it reaches a specific temperature zone, the contents in the canister may expand, which could cause a crack or explosion.


5. Medication and Sunscreen

Try not to leave any sunscreen, lotions, or medications in high temperatures since they have medicinal chemical properties. Exposing these products to heat can shorten their shelf life and modify their chemical composition.


6. Candy and Chocolate

These sugar-filled treats can leave you with a sticky mess and ultimately ruin your car's interior. Specifically, with chocolate, it will be challenging to clean.


Save yourself a headache, and don't leave any of these things behind this summer. If you need an auto repair or service, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to Automotive Service & Repair (ASR) Automotive.


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