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Types of Car Fluid Leaks

A vehicle is a sophisticated system that comprises thousands of parts. Each of these parts requires a specific type of fluid to operate effectively. Car owners commonly panic whenever they encounter a fluid leak, and in most cases, such a reaction is warranted. But not every fluid that leaks out of your car spells trouble for you. Others might be normal and perfectly harmless.

However, we advise against making the general assumption that any fluid that comes from your vehicle is normal and should not be given immediate attention. That is why we have combined a list of typical types of car fluid leaks that you are likely to encounter while using your car.

Oil Leak:

This is the most common type of fluid leak. It is usually represented by a black stain or puddle. Oil leaks typically occur in the gaskets and at the oil plan situated in the engine. If the oil leak occurs from under your vehicle, it indicates that your gasket is faulty and needs immediate attention.

Coolant Leak:

Coolant leak, also known as antifreeze, can either be pink, orange, or green. Coolant leaks are typical for old cars. Modern cars, however, are designated to prevent such leaks, so if you experience them, you should have your vehicle checked for mechanical damage.

Gear Oil Leak:

A thick glob oozing from your vehicle indicates a gear oil leak. Leaked gear oil typically sticks on the side of the car instead of coming out as liquid material. A gear oil leak means that there are cracks in your gasket. It could also mean that your transmission is faulty.

Brake Fluid Leak:

Brake fluid leak comes in the fork of a bright-colored liquid that emanates a fishy smell. It is highly advisable to desist from using your car until the leak is fixed. The last thing you want is your car refusing to break when you need to stop.

Wiper Fluid Leak:

A wiper fluid leak is regular for most vehicles with faulty wiper tubes. It's not a severe problem, especially in dry weather, and can be fixed promptly while sitting in your car.

Hopefully, your car does not encounter any of these leaks, but if it does, don't hesitate to contact the ASR Automotive team for the most competitive rates in town.

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