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Types of Unusual Vehicle Smells

The majority of the interior of your car is designed to be odor-free. The fragrance of a new car isn't the only thing you should be concerned about. A small detail like the smell of burnt rubber could point to a mechanical or electrical issue that has to be addressed right away to avoid more costly issues in the future. Automobiles contain a variety of fluids designed to work at high temperatures and pressures in fast-moving components that may be causing the strange odor.

Most Common Smells That You Should Not Ignore

Maple Syrup

Even though it has a mildly sweet scent, the presence of this odor indicates the presence of a leak. Leaks in the radiator, cylinder head, manifold, and intake manifold gaskets, as well as loose hose pipes, could be to blame. If you notice a strong maple syrup odor coming from your car's heater core, it's best to get it checked out by a repair as soon as possible.

Burnt Oil

The first thing you should do if your car's engine begins to emit a burnt oil smell is to turn off the engine and check the oil dipstick. Engine overheating or oil leaking onto the exhaust manifold could be to blame. Check the transmission fluid as well. Low transmission oil pressure causes your vehicle to overheat. Due to inadequate lubrication, the gears are overheating and rendering them unusable.

Burnt Rubber

When you shift gears, you may smell burning paper, which indicates a slipping clutch. Constantly stepping on the accelerator while shifting speeds can damage a clutch. High friction scorches paper-based clutch facings. Burning the clutch's paper face renders it useless.

Rotten Egg

You should examine your catalytic converter if you notice a rotten egg-like smell coming from your car. Your exhaust pipe's hydrogen sulfide is not being correctly processed by your catalytic converter, resulting in an egg-like odor.

Burnt Paper

Burnt paper scent during gear changes indicates a slipping clutch. Clutches burn when drivers "ride" the gear while stepping on the pedal. This causes friction and heat, which burns the clutch facings. Burning the clutch face destroys it.

ASR Automotive welcomes you to bring your vehicle in for an examination so that we may look into the peculiar smell you've noticed!

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