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What Are the Different Types of Engine Oil?

When getting an oil change, it is imperative that you or your technician is using the right type of oil for your vehicle’s specific make and model. Most of the time, you can find this information on the owner’s manual. There are three main types of motor oil: Synthetic, Semi-sythetic, and Conventional. They all have their pros and cons – read on to learn about how they differ.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oils are the new, chemically-engineered lubricant that offer excellent performance and consistency. They are popular in modern engine designs, and their consistency minimizes friction. Furthermore, they are highly resistant to heat. They are durable an able to go the longest in between service. Synthetic oil can last up to 7,500 miles or more, which is why they are preferred by a lot of drivers. Synthetic oil also costs more money than the other two types. However, less frequent oil change services may result in financial savings over time.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oils were normalized in the 90s, and they are still utilized today. That is why higher mileage automobiles still take this kind of oil today. It flows slower than synthetic oil, but it works with simpler engine designs. This traditional lubricant is susceptible to wear down quicker, especially in harsh driving conditions. Vehicles that take conventional oil require service every 3,000 miles, and they are the cheapest options on the market.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic oil is a mix, or perfect in-between, of both oils. Semi-synthetic oil is more cost-effective than completely converting to synthetic oil. These lubricants last longer than conventional oil but not as long as synthetic oil.

Can You Switch From Conventional Oil to Synthetic/Synthetic Blend?

Moving from conventional oil to synthetic oil should be safe 99% of the time, but it is best to ask your tech just to be sure. As long as you get an oil filter to match, your vehicle’s engine should be fine. If you need an oil change, we welcome you to bring your car to ASR Automotive soon.

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