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What Can Cause Premature Tire Wear?

Every car owner hopes to have their brand new car tires last for about four to five years. And, considering the fact that they cost a fortune, this is a perfectly reasonable expectation. However, there are numerous occasions where tires can wear down prematurely. This article offers a detailed overview of the causes of untimely tire wear down.

Unbalanced Inflation

The more frequent the driving, the more pressure is exerted on your car tires. This continuous action results in reduced pressure which is the top cause of premature wearing and tearing of car tires. The reverse is also true; over-inflation also speeds up the wear and tear of car tires during driving.


A car tire mismatch can be as a result of difference in size and type of your car tires or a variation in tires internal pressure – one tire having more air pressure than another. These variations speed up the wear and tear if the tires.

Mechanical Issues 

If a section of your car-parts is in bad shape, its effect can be felt on the wheels causing more damage than usual. For instance, if you have weak ball joints, irregular suspension, or damaged wheel bearings, expect your tires to experience intense wear and tear.

Alignment Issues

A perfectly placed axle lowers premature wear. You can tell there is a proper alignment if your wheels are mechanically set in a parallel alignment against each other forming a perpendicular angle with the ground. Check to ascertain this to reduce you tire replacement trips.

Immoderate Torque

Presence of immoderate rotation causes wear and tear. The wear and tear witnessed during such instances is referred to as heel and toe wear and tear patterns. To reduce the damage you will have to adjust your vehicle to lower torque.

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A car tire is considered to be in perfect shape if its grip the road is not loose and the driver can control its movements with ease. Any driver experiencing grip issues with their car tires has most likely experienced extreme wear and tear. While eventual wearing and tearing of car tires is inevitable, it is crucial that you sort out any issues in your car that could easily accelerate the wearing and tearing process.

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