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What is a Wheel Bearing Replacement?

The wheel bearings are the components of your vehicle that support the front and rear axles of your suspension system. They also help support the entire weight of your car, so you can understand just how much pressure the bearings undergo daily. These parts are made with extremely tough steel to withstand the weight of your vehicle, but can fail after a heavy amount of mileage. 

If the wheel bearing has started to fail, it may be at risk of seizing or breaking completely. If this happens while your vehicle is moving, you could experience loss of control of your vehicle. This is why it is some important to have your vehicle inspected at our shop if you suspect that you have a wheel bearing issue. Here are some of the most common symptoms that can suggest that you need a wheel bearing replacement:

  • You hear a growling or grinding noise coming from the wheels. This is typically a very characteristic growling noise that tends to get worse as the bearing's wear progresses. 
  • If you notice that your vehicle's wheel hub moves up and down, the bearing may be worn. 
  • Heavy vibrating or a vehicle that seems to be wandering or hard to control also points to worn bearings. 
  • Your tires and wheels do not turn smoothly when in park. 

Wheel bearing issue noises are often confused with tire problem noises, so if you hear any type of strange noise coming from the tire or wheel areas, bring your vehicle into ASR Automotive. Our experts can test drive your vehicle to understand where the noise originates from and whether you need wheel bearing replacement or if the issue is with another component, such as the brakes or tires. 


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