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What Is Antifreeze (or Coolant)?

Antifreeze, also known as coolant, is a mixture of ethylene glycol, lubricant, and inhibitors to be put into your vehicle's radiator. A 50/50 dilution with water turns the antifreeze into a coolant, which maintains a stable temperature within the engine. Coolant is usually seen as a colorful solution that enables your car to function optimally in hot and cold climates. Here's an analysis of what antifreeze does for your vehicle.



As the name implies, the antifreeze will stop the h2O in your car's engine and radiator from freezing in cold weather conditions. If the water in your radiator or engine freezes up, it may cause significant engine damage that will be expensive to repair.



Some people argue that the heat has a more damaging effect on your engine than the cold. In hot climates, antifreeze blocks the water in the radiator and engine from boiling. Again, bubbling water within the radiator will permanently damage and lead to overheating and failure of the motor itself. Next thing you know, you're broken down on the side of the road.



Antifreeze contains lubricants that slips up the surfaces with which it comes into contact. The slippiness promotes efficiency and reduces wear and tear with engine parts. A good example is your car's water pump.



Your radiator is exposed to a mixture of elements and metals under various conditions, which can easily lead to interactions and corrosion of the radiator. A corroded radiator will ultimately become leaky and lead to engine overheating.


As a responsible vehicle owner, you should note that antifreeze is toxic when ingested and should be kept away from children. If you have some at home, please ensure that it is stored correctly in a desirable environment. 


Antifreeze is an essential component of any vehicle, regardless of where it operates or is stored. Car owners should monitor their antifreeze/coolant levels every couple of months and top up if necessary. Furthermore, if the coolant changes color or notices rust in the solution, it should be replaced by a professional. Neglecting to top off antifreeze can lead to significant engine damage and costly repairs. If you require a cooling system repair, please give ASR Automotive a call or visit!

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