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What Is Causing My Tire Pressure to Fluctuate?

The cold temperatures in Fort Collins, CO, and surrounding areas can cause many drivers to experience a loss in tire pressure. The shift in temperature can cause the air in your tire to contract when it is cold and expand when it is warm. In some cases, it may even trigger a "Check Tire Pressure" message or TPMS light to come on your dashboard. This warning can be a shock or a concern for many of us. However, there is no need to worry. The light does not mean anything but a substantial tire pressure loss.


Keeping your tire pressure constant can be challenging this time of year, which is why all drivers are encouraged to check their tire's air pressure at least once a month. 


The air pressure in your tires is usually their lowest at night or early morning, so you may see the TPMS light come on then. Once you start driving and the tires warm-up, the pressure may increase, causing a TPMS light to turn off. If you still notice the light on your dashboard, you should check your tire pressure and make adjustments to match your manufacturer's recommendations. 


Checking your tire pressure and adjusting the air is a quick and easy task, but you must have the right tools for it. You will need a high-quality pressure gauge. Nowadays, you can get the standard one or an electronic one. When measuring the air pressure, compare the pressure in your tires to the psi listed owner's manual or the doorjamb sticker. Afterward, refill your tires with air accordingly using a compressor.


If your TPMS continues to stay on and you have concerns about your tires, feel free to bring your vehicle to ASR Automotive.

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