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Why Do You Need to Change Your Cabin Air Filters?

With spring and summer comes beautiful warm weather and long beautiful days making it the best season. However, you can do without the harmful and allergy-inducing particles and pollutants, including the pollen and dust invading the air.

A cabin air filter plays the integral role of eliminating the contaminants and pollutants present in the air keeping it fresh and healthy for you and your passengers. It is mostly located behind the glove box in most vehicles and cleans out the air entering the cabin through the AC and heating system.

Why You Should Change Your Cabin Air Filters

Reduce Pollution in The Cabin

Your car's cabin air filter eliminates the smoke, smoke, and other pollutants from other cars' exhaust systems. Regularly changing these filters ensures that no undesirable toxins make it to your cabin.


Pollen grains are quite common, especially in spring. If you are allergic, cabin air filters can significantly reduce the amount of pollen finding its way to your car. However, if you have not changed your filters in a while, pollen will easily get into your car and build up to great levels, causing adverse health effects.


It is not uncommon to find leaves, twigs, acorns, and bugs clogging the air filter system, especially for cars regularly parked near trees. If not timely addressed, they will keep accumulating, ultimately destroying this system.

To Enhance Efficacy

Once your cabin air filters are clogged, your vehicle's A/C system must strive harder to supply air into the filter system. Resultantly, the air conditioning system will be inefficient, extremely noisy, and might even break down. This can be a big problem, especially during the sweltering summer days when there is too much dust, debris, and pollen in the air that your cabin will probably take too long to clean.

Reduce Engine Strain

As earlier mentioned, the HVAC and heating system has to work harder to heat or cool the cabin when the air filters are clogged. Similarly, your engine will also have to work hard to get and keep these systems running. So don't be surprised if you notice a change in fuel efficiency as your engine is doing more than it should. As a rule of thumb, you should have your cabin air filters changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles but be sure to consult and stick to your vehicle owner's manual.

If you need a cabin air filter replacement, we invite you into our auto repair shop today!

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