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Why Is My Car Heater Not Working?

Having your vehicle’s heater go out on you in the middle of the winter is the worst situation to be in. While you may try to shrug it off at first, it can make you (and your passengers) super uncomfortable. If you don’t want to freeze in your vehicle, please bring your car to ASR Automotive for heating repairs. Below are the five most common explanations for heater malfunction.

Not Enough Coolant

The first place you should check is your coolant levels since the heater is directly connected to the cooling system. When your vehicle is low on coolant, it won’t bring the engine's heat through your heater core.  

Bad Heater Core

The heater core is a part of the cooling system and HVAC systems. Similar to the radiator, the heater core can get clogged. When coolant can’t get through, you will get cool air instead of warm air. 

Stuck Heater Controls

The switches and knobs can go bad over time. So, if they are stuck or unresponsive, you will need a professional mechanic to repair them.

Thermostat Issue

If the thermostat is stuck closed, your coolant won’t be able to absorb the engine heat and bring it back inside your vehicle. Not only will your heating be impacted, but you may risk overheating too. 

Water Leaks

If you experience a water leak from the radiator, it can also cause your heater to run cold or not work at all.

Many Fort Collins drivers rely on their car heater to keep them comfortable on the road. So don’t suffer in the cold this season, and bring your vehicle to our auto service shop for repairs.

We can inspect your HVAC system and cooling system this winter to ensure your car stays warm and reliable. Please call or repair ASR Automotive for all your automotive needs

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